Private 5 day Powerboating Program
On your own boat instruction

Woman at the steering wheel, learning how to captain her own boat with the help of instructors.

Do you own your own motor yacht? Would you like to feel more comfortable docking, anchoring, mooring, and navigating? Would you like to understand your ships systems better? Do you have an insurance policy that requires you to have a licensed captain on board at all times? Would you like to operate your yacht with out a captain?

Since 1989, it's been a reality for us and many of our students and it can be a reality for you too when you learn powerboating from our experienced and certified powerboating instructors. Our program is designed for those that are seeking the skills required to own and operate their own 30-70 foot yacht. Through our private powerboating program, you can become certified in yacht operation and expand your own yachting experience.

Boating map of San Diego harbor along with nautical navigation tools.

In five days, you can earn a certification in Twin Inboard operation, learn about all of the systems above, and learn how to operate your yacht as a team of two. We can show you yachting can be a team sport, shared by a couple so that, while its nice to have a crew, it’s not needed.

Our five day course is offered on your San Diego based motor yacht. It’s 9:30-3:30 Monday thru Friday. You’ll learn what it takes to pre cruise, cruise and post cruise. Boat handling, navigation, emergency management, communications, anchoring, provisioning/galley, all ships systems including launching and recovery of the yachts tender are covered.

A couple learns to captian their own boat with the help of a powerboating instructor in the San Diego harbor.

This private experience is $5000 for two. It includes exclusive, private, hands on instruction, fees, and certification. Click around and see some of our pictures and decide if yacht ownership is for you.

I have been a licensed Captain since September 1990. I have been a certified instructor since 1990. I have certified thousands of students in both sailing and powerboating. I’ve owned San Diego Sailing Academy and San Diego Powerboating Academy since 1989.

After your course, we can assist as your unbiased consultant on all ships systems. We can help with insurance, slips, upgrades and repairs. In fact, many of our clients have gone on to purchase their own yachts, some much larger than ours, and they keep them here, in our marina, as our neighbors.

Contact us today at 619-223-6253 or to chat, reserve or speak with the instructors directly.